What would you do to live longer?

What would you do to live longer?

According to CNN, the man in the picture, Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, has spent $1 million in treatments and supplements to support his dream of living to 180 years old.  WOW!!! 

Recently, he went to a clinic in Utah and had half a liter of bone marrow taken from his hips, filtered out the stem cells, and injected them into every joint in his body including into his spinal cord and cerebral fluid.
According to Asprey, what he’d just endured was “the most extensive stem-cell treatment that’s ever been done on a person at one time.”

The article mentions that the strangest part of this whole thing is that there’s nothing wrong with him. Nothing wrong, that is, other than regular old human aging, which is not part of Asprey’s plan.

As Asprey is fond of saying, he has no interest in being average and claims that he expects to live to 180.  He’s 45 years old right now.  To ensure that he lives to 180, he plans to get his own stem cells injected into him every six months, take 100 supplements a day, follow a strict diet, bathe in infrared light, hang out in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and wear goofy yellow-lensed glasses every time he gets on an airplane. So far, Asprey says he’s spent at least a million dollars hacking his own biology. 

While this seems to be an extreme example, we have to applaud his dedication and his action plan. For us, we make sure to exercise regularly and eat balanced meals. Our team enjoys taking walking breaks every day, either in the morning or after lunch. During our exercises, we also try to prevent injuries by using ankle braces or knee braces and we walk at a pace that everyone is comfortable with.

So what about you?  What would you do to live longer?  Exercise more?  Eat healthier?  Work less?  Leave a comment below and join the conversation.

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