The Fallacy on Kids Lifting weights

The Fallacy on Kids Lifting weights

You may have heard this before, strength training stunts growth for kids.  Logically, this type of saying totally makes sense right?  Your kid is growing and putting weights on them seems to do the opposite of that.

Below are common myths adults have about kids who utilizes weight training at a young age:

  1. Kids will get injured in strength training and that’s dangerous
  2. Weight training will hinder the performance of a child when playing a sport
  3. Weight lifting will stunt the growth from a child

Let us just point out that kids can and should train BUT in an “age” appropriate manner.  What does that mean you ask?  The primary goal of weight lifting for a child is to have the child perform it with a high degree of repetition.  This creates muscle memory and helps your kid develop a good with a good form early on.  In addition, this also builds up the body resistance.  While lifting and if you observe that the child’s losing their proper form, that’s when you jump in and call it stops.

Proper weight lifting helps make the child’s body stronger.  It creates an edge for them on their favorite sports and is healthy for them.  There are a lot of resources on the details of what type of weight training besides repetition but the most important of them all is safety.  Please feel free to browse at our braces for more information on the types of sport sleeve for the weight of choice for your child!





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