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Tag: Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga for Life

While we’ve talked about the benefits of walking and healthy eating in previous posts, we have yet to talk about another form of exercise that’s pretty popular these days.  Which exercise is that, you ask?  Yoga!  As many may know, yoga brings harmony between the heart and soul.  The benefit to yoga is that it is […]

Weekly Discoveries and Tips – Foods We Eat

Hello readers!  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones.  Hopefully all the chocolate cravings are now satisfied and we are all trying to get back on track with our fitness and exercise regimen.  During the past few weeks, we have discovered a few things that we think are helpful and we would like […]

Is Walking a Good Form of Exercise?

Now that we’ve covered a few basic food myths (check out links at the bottom of this post for those results), let’s switch gears to exercise.  There’s been an increasing trend in workplaces encouraging daily exercise as part of their wellness programs.  Typically, we are told that we should aim to hit 10,000 steps per […]

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

Growing up, my mom and teachers always said that eating an apple a day will keep the doctor away.  But does it really?  Is this another one of those tales adults tell kids so they’ll eat healthier?  We took the time today to investigate. It turns out the phrase “an apple a day keeps the […]

Are Avocados Really Healthy for You?

We’ve all seen the recent craze about avocados.  It used to be that avocados can primarily be found in guacamole to make tacos and burritos tastier and more satisfying.  But now there are avocado toasts, avocado ice cream, avocado shakes and even avocado oil.  So is the avocado craze something we should buy into?  Are […]

Are Dairy Free Ice Creams Really Healthier than Traditional Ice Cream?

Continuing with our small series on what food to eat for a healthy lifestyle, here’s one about dairy free ice cream.  Now that it’s summer time, we’ve experienced a few heat waves in Southern California.  During those heat waves, I’m sure we’ve all been tempted to indulge in some ice cream.  And who can blame […]