Lebron James is coming to LA Lakers, what's up now!

Lebron James is coming to LA Lakers, what's up now!

Since Kobe, Lakers have yet to see a true legend to come and make a difference.  Lakers haven’t won any championships for a while, it’s no surprise that the fun days where the kids are running around waving Laker flags are no longer seen.

At Dr. H, we are extremely excited that Lebron James; a true legend in his own right is coming to Lakers.  We’re hopeful that his coming would make a difference, are you excited too?  I guess only time would tell.

Lebron James always keep his arm safe by wearing an arm sleeve.  Not only does it make a difference under sport protection, it also looks good as an accessory.  At Dr. H, we are always keeping ourselves safe through our braces.  To celebrate the coming of Lebron James to Lakers, we plan on playing a game of basketball this weekend!

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