Deandre Ayton is the number 1 overall NBA pick!

Deandre Ayton is the number 1 overall NBA pick!


If you’re a fan of Deandre, you’ll be stoked about this guy coming into Phoenix.  As a 7 footer, he’s as fit and athletic as they come.  We are definitely foreseeing a new star in the making for yet.  It’s been sometime since we’ve had some good solid 7 footer so hopefully the kid will make NBA exciting again.

How much is he going to get paid?  Well, the word is passing around to upwards of up to 8 million USD.  Yes it’s quite a bit but not the crazy amounts we saw the superstars get paid yet.  It’ll be exciting to see how much this kid can take home potentially after he proves to be a great add-on for the Phoenix Suns.

We never know, there is always potential for him to be a dud.  NBA is definitely on a different level versus college basketball and one injury could just blow him away in the league.  Great NBA players know to put on sport braces and keep themselves safe to decrease chances of an injury.  It’ll pay itself many times over when an “incident” happens and the brace saves the day, trust me.

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