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Yoga for Life

While we’ve talked about the benefits of walking and healthy eating in previous posts, we have yet to talk about another form of exercise that’s pretty popular these days.  Which exercise is that, you ask?  Yoga!  As many may know, yoga brings harmony between the heart and soul.  The benefit to yoga is that it is […]

Is Walking a Good Form of Exercise?

Now that we’ve covered a few basic food myths (check out links at the bottom of this post for those results), let’s switch gears to exercise.  There’s been an increasing trend in workplaces encouraging daily exercise as part of their wellness programs.  Typically, we are told that we should aim to hit 10,000 steps per […]

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

Growing up, my mom and teachers always said that eating an apple a day will keep the doctor away.  But does it really?  Is this another one of those tales adults tell kids so they’ll eat healthier?  We took the time today to investigate. It turns out the phrase “an apple a day keeps the […]

The Fallacy on Kids Lifting weights

You may have heard this before, strength training stunts growth for kids.  Logically, this type of saying totally makes sense right?  Your kid is growing and putting weights on them seems to do the opposite of that. Below are common myths adults have about kids who utilizes weight training at a young age: Kids will […]

NBA Finals ends, DR H store is now completed!

So, Golden State Warriors have won the NBA Finals with a sweeping victory over the Cavs.  Unfortunately, our favorite player Lebron James wasn’t able to shine this year. The good news is that DR H’s store here in our website is now officially operational and we’re excited to be bringing you guys the best sport […]