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10 facts about Kobe Bryant in his 40th Birthday today!

Today is Kobe Bryant’s 40th birthday.  Now retired, NBA fans from all over the world still celebrates his long lasting achievements.  Below are 10 interesting facts about Kobe Bryant:

  1. Kobe was drafted at the age of 17
  2. From 2007-2008, Kobe Bryant was named NBA MVP of the year
  3. With LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant has won five championships (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010)
  4. Kobe has won two Olympic Gold Medals in basketball for the US in the year 2008 and 2012
  5. Kobe Bryant has a 20 year career with the NBA
  6. The highest point that Kobe achieved was 81 points against the Tornto Raptors and is named the second person who scored the most points in NBA history to date
  7. At Kobe’s last game with the NBA, he has scored 60 points a career high against the Utah Jazz
  8. 18 time All-Star, Kobe has received them all with the LA Lakers
  9. Now in retirement, Kobe now runs a venture capital with Jeff Stibel called Bryant Stibel
  10. Married only once, Kobe has been with his wife since 22 years of age and has three beautiful daughters together

Now that Kobe is retired from the NBA, he now wants works hard to get bulkier.  “I go pretty hard on the bench,” Bryant says. “I get in the gym and throw around the heavy stuff about four days a week.”  Here’s a picture of him working hard below from Kobe’s own Intagram:

See all that weights?  Kobe is definitely committed to his workouts.  Do you want to be like Kobe as well?  Be sure to stay safe!  At Dr. H, we offer plenty of sports brace to help secure your joints to minimize your chances of injury during workouts.  Check it out!







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