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Some “Healthy” Foods Are Packed with Loads of Sugar

We write a lot in our blog here at Dr. H about exercising safely regularly to stay healthy with our braces; however, we’ve never written about the types of foods to eat in a healthy lifestyle.  We are going to make this into a small series of blog posts tackling this topic.  To kick it off casually, which one of the two has more sugar in them?  A 20 ounces bottle of Vitamin water or a Big Texas Cinnamon roll, which one do you think has more sugar?Sugar Comparison Dr. H

If you answered Big Texas Cinnamon Roll, you are right.  However, see the sugar count difference directly from their packaging below:


There is only a 1 gram of difference in sugar!  If you’re drinking vitamin water, you are almost consuming just as much sugar as eating a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll.  Therefore, the next time you decides what’s healthy or not in the market be sure to check out their nutritional facts before pulling out your wallet!